Our Aim

Our aim is to support elderly people, in particular, those who live with disabilities or diseases. They need special services. They need an experienced staff of health care providers and nurses. We have already established model senior centres. We have a holistic approach and we provide high quality senior care for our elderly residents. Our aim is to provide excellent housing options and senior community living options for elderly people in Malaysia. Old people deserve long, happy, good lives. We want to make their golden years better and brighter. We make it our mission. At Red spot home care centre, they can live with respect and dignity. Red spot home care centre wants to make sure that once people hit retirement age, they still know that their family loves them and needs them. They should know that they would live a peaceful, good life. They should never feel helpless or unloved. We at Red spot home care centre, respect the personal interests, traditions, faith of our residents. We try to understand what kind of socio cultural background they have. We are flexible and we care about our residents, every one of them. We want to help several elderly persons, as many as possible. We want to provide a secure, smooth, carefree life for them. Once a resident moves in to a Red Spot Home Care facility, they should know that they are at home.