Palliative care treats the physical and emotional symptoms that occur during the last stages of life. It includes treatments such as medicine, physical therapy, nutrition management, counseling, and coordination with hospice, mental health providers, and more. In addition to making the resident as comfortable as possible, palliative treatment includes support groups, planning resources for family members, and other emotional support.

Ultimately, we all want to end our lives in quiet dignity, free from pain, in a place where we feel at home, surrounded by family or friends. At Red Spot home care centre, our palliative care services are provided with the care, compassion and professionalism that both the resident and their families need during this final challenge in everyone’s life.

The final stages of a person’s life can be even more of a complicated and emotionally overwhelming experience for the family of someone with late-stage dementia or a terminal illness. Red spot home care centre team members work with professional staff, whenever needed in order to provide a comfortable environment for the resident and to relieve suffering as much as possible.

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